Note from Michael: Biking is a passion, one that offers a break from the music life–and an addition to it, as I bring a bike with me on tour whenever I can. To celebrate biking with us here at Falling Mountain, submit a Baiku, a bicycle-themed haiku, to this page–we’re hoping to accrue a wonderful collection to share with all. And for more on bicycling, visit Community Cycles, our own bicycle advocacy group here in Boulder. 

Conniving goat-head

Sucks life-air from front tire:

Nice day for a walk!

(Those of you who don’t live in CO or know what a goat-head is will have a terrific bit of imagery to get you through your day.)


Riverside bike path

A canoeist approaches

Who is passing whom?

25 Responses to Baiku!

  1. fallmtn says:

    I can always count on
    Jena Root for a springtime Baiku (well, it’s springtime in Ohio):

    How strange that we say
    ‘ride’ a bike and ‘drive’ a car
    when it’s the reverse.

  2. fallmtn says:

    My rules for biking:
    1. On day of show, no biking;
    2. Pretty day–no rules.

  3. fallmtn says:

    From the trails near Aspen:

    Bell-rings, “On your left!”
    People ignore, the dogs bark:
    “Pardon my humans.”

  4. fallmtn says:

    Tina Fields:

    Commuting by bike
    In a skirt, dog in basket,
    Spandex folks zoom by

  5. fallmtn says:

    The Pro Challenge is on! A great finish on today’s stage, though I wish Jens could have held on. In tribute:

    Sudden break from the

    Peloton, can sometimes prove

    Leading is fleeting (For Jens Voigt–see you in Boulder.)

  6. fallmtn says:

    This is in reference to a new style of folding bike that compresses to the size of an umbrella (

    I do not want one
    But I’ll gladly carry yours;
    We’ll see what unfolds.

  7. fallmtn says:

    From the irrepressible and always reliably funny Jena Root:

    The Road Biker’s Koan

    Would I rather be
    Knocked over by this pothole
    Or by that @$$hole?”

  8. fallmtn says:

    Another pair of gems from Jena Root:

    Summit Hike and Bike
    Hillier than I recall.
    No rail trail, this one.

    Stopping for a snack
    And the blasted mosquitoes
    Make a meal of me.

  9. fallmtn says:

    Jena Root offers up:

    Here in Ohio
    The terrain is flat until
    You get on your bike.

    And….newly conceived for the crappy weather we’re experiencing right now:

    Rainy-day bright side:
    It’s the only time I get
    To wash my bike shorts.

  10. fallmtn says:

    At 10,000 ft
    It is more the attitude
    than the altitude.

  11. kgb says:

    A steep mountain climb
    Chain straining, hot summer’s day
    Small bugs rest on me

  12. fallmtn says:

    Main bike has a flat;
    Not tended to for weeks; now,
    Old bike is penance.

  13. fallmtn says:

    Our first Baiku from the Everglades! Thanks Arlene!

  14. Oh, River of Grass
    Gators nipping at my feet
    Pedal very fast!

  15. Michael DeLalla says:

    On bike trail to school
    My student, expert cyclist:
    The lesson begins.

  16. fallmtn says:

    A progressive trail
    through regressive terrain climbs
    in both directions

  17. Lise Blumenthal says:

    Check out Bikes Belong
    They’re at
    Advocacy group

    Their mission is to
    get more people on bikes now,
    using bikes for life

  18. fallmtn says:

    Black bug on my back,
    An unexpected journey;
    On whose back am I?

  19. fallmtn says:


  20. Susan Page Chumley says:

    Tis the season.

  21. fallmtn says:

    Posted on behalf of Susan Page Chumley:

    Skinny tire bike
    Rolling in the early green
    Friends sharing mileage

  22. fallmtn says:

    Which Path is calling:
    skinny tires, fat tires
    dirt and road, all good.

  23. Elaine Erb says:

    Climb forward, pull back
    Move upward; all three forces
    Going to one place.

  24. Virginia Abraham says:

    Grey, working March

    passing river trails

    silver water calls!

  25. Joe Bloom says:

    Right pant leg rolled up

    Wind, rain, snow surprise. Oh no

    Crew socks way too short

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