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What the Critics Say:

About “This Is How I Disappear”

“… a sublime and uniquely crafted sonic landscape…DeLalla creates a sonic vibrancy on this CD that is rich, remarkable and revelatory.”

© James Filkins/

“The musicianship on this album is excellent…[DeLalla] has blended different styles from around the world to create a great artistic atmosphere…”

Greg Bennett/Victory Music

About “Soli”

“One of the very best acoustic guitarists in the world…DeLalla’s greatest talent  may be in transcending traditional stylings…[he] wastes no energy in extended improvisation and retains a melodic focus… music of the most exquisite order.”

Matt Fink/All Music Guide

“Michael DeLalla’s finger-style guitar genius is akin to that of Tony McManus … of a class of what I call the Unholy Triumvirate of the American Acoustic Guitar: David Bromberg, John Fahey, and Leo Kottke…a guitar guru…”

The Greenman Review

About his performance

“He is a sensational guitarist… an amazing performer and if you haven’t had him in your neck of the woods yet, I would highly recommend him!”

Jon Stein/Bodles Opera House, Chester, NY

“His music is a blend of succulent and delicious sounds guaranteed to tantalize anyone’s musical appetite.”

Chiara Latini/The Guilfordian, Greensboro, NC

“DeLalla emerges as a most concise creative force…his virtuoso 12-string, steel string, and Classical guitar is the highlight…”

Stephen Peterson/Mass Music

“… a resourceful, innovative, and highly proficient acoustic guitarist.”

Arthur Shuey/Encore

About his compositions

“…airy, honest music…Nathan and Ayre for a Dancer are pleasant aural daydreams…”


“…a haunting score by Michael DeLalla…Paul Winter-like…”

Julie van Camp/The Washington Times

“Michael DeLalla’s solo acoustic rendition of Chick Corea’s “Crystal Silence” whispers volumes not only about this talented guitarist’s interpretation and transcription skills, but also about his refined touch on the fretboard.”

Alan Fark/Minor 7th


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