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Falling Mountain Music is home to all of the musical endeavors of guitarist and composer Michael DeLalla. Here you can learn more about his concerts, recordings, workshops & clinics, live streaming webcasts, touring, publishing...the list continues to grow as the world changes in the ways we all produce and consume music. Amidst these changes Falling Mountain’s mission remains the same since its founding in 1991—to deliver the rich spectrum of Michael’s music to discerning listeners worldwide.

Michael believes in the synergy between performer and audience, the two-way exchange of energy that makes each performance special. In concert, Michael connects with his audiences as if they were family. That dynamic continues between shows, as Michael stays connected to his fans and friends via social networking, building a sense of shared history, present and future. That synergy is what he means by Making Music Matter.

Live performances, from concert halls to house concerts to webcasts. Recorded music, from traditional studio projects on compact disc to live recordings done in real time, to digital downloads. Radio, video, podcasts, and blogs to your iPod. Lessons and clinics both face to face and via the ‘net. Through an ever-evolving world our goal will always be to draw as direct a connection as we can between the music and you. We value that synergy enough to make that possible in all the ways you enjoy Michael’s music.

Michael DeLalla/Falling Mountain Music

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