Strings into Stories

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What is a “Strings into Stories” Concert?

Two versatile musicians explore the universal themes found in traditions worldwide.

Like one-man theatre from the days of Chautauqua, Andrew crafts his stories into a musical soundscape that traverses such varied influences as Appalachia, tasteful slide and jazzy blues, feisty anthems, rustic folk, Native American flute and African drum, and even a little fancy flatpicking on a Carter Family tune. Michael’s delivery of his compositions and arrangements of traditional tunes gathered worldwide weaves a narrative of his travels and travails found in his varied musical habitats, from a capella kan e diskan in Breton Gaelic to evocations of Japanese koto music. On stage together, Andrew and Michael’s stellar guitar work, well-crafted songs, and anecdotes both humorous and poignant weave a magical experience that pays homage to the history, tradition and power that informs their music.

Watch and listen to Andrew and Michael:

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Andrew and Michael also present a variety of workshops for performing artists, students, presenters and businesses supporting the arts.

Topics available by request.

Select Past Performances of “Strings into Stories”
Autumn 2017 will be the 13th Strings into Stories tour since 2001, presented at fine venues nationwide including:

Swallow Hill (CO) • Notre Dame University (IN) • Harmony Hall Arts Center (DC) Court Square Theatre (VA) â€¢ Brewery Arts Center (NV) • Roane State College (TN) Eagle House Theatre (CA) • Spokane Folklore Society (WA)

For Bookings and more info:  •  303/652-2665

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