Waltz for Chat-colat for Solo Guitar (.pdf)

A jazz waltz, which can be played with or without the improvised section.

Chat-Colat was a cat, a so-called ‘tortoise-shell’—her coat was comprised of many shades of brown, like a box of fine chocolates. She was a loving, affectionate companion, though if truth be told, not the biggest fan of guitar music. But for some reason, as I worked on this piece she would remain in my loft, which I took as a begrudging approval.
I began composing Waltz for Chat-Colat in the spring of 2022. Other composition obligations made me put it aside until fall. About this time, my aging cat’s health was beginning to rapidly decline, so I decided I better finish the piece. Chat-Colat died on December 19, 2022, one day after I finished her waltz. I completed the
editing and fingering in early 2023.

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